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How Alden Global Capital Destroys the News {Republished}

Democracy is not self-maintaining, and freedom isn’t free. For years, Americans have been bombarded with these phrases, but very few fully comprehend the value of those words or the more subtle meanings behind them. Local news is on the decline within this day and age, and with it, an informed public. While there is no…More

Justice Alito, Abortion and Eugenics

The Supreme Court is planning to overturn Roe v. Wade (1973). Politico first reported on the opinion by Justice Alito, provoking a firestorm of outrage online and among the political establishment. President Biden released a statement denouncing the case and Democrats in the Senate announced plans to codify Roe in statutory law. While it is…More

Judge Jackson Will Be On the Supreme Court

The fight for Judge Jackson’s nomination continues in all of its fiery and partisan vigor. Earlier this Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee locked itself in a tie over whether the Judge’s nomination should proceed, forcing Democrats to compel a general vote on the Senate floor. The fight shows the entrenched partisanship of the nomination process…More


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