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The 1619 Project Returns: Hope for a Critical Perspective

After its explosive arrival on the political stage, the 1619 Project is set to return. This time in book form, as Pulitzer Journalists Nikole Hannah-Jones and her colleagues have expanded on their famous work. One can only hope that it improves upon a much-needed criticism of the traditional American narrative. The project, which began in…More

Rep. Paul Gosar Censured: Republicans Reveal Their Blackened Hearts

Congress took a historic step towards accountability, as they censured a member of the House of Representatives for the first time in ten years. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Arizona), the Republican congressman who infamously tweeted a video depicting him killing AOC and President Biden, has been censured and removed from his committee assignments. Though the move is appropriate,…More

When Anti-Establishment Politics Goes Wrong: Jimmy Dore

What is the Left? That question has vexed the American people for the last five years as candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties have either endorsed or rejected the so-called Left with equal enthusiasm and, in some cases, hostility. And nobody is emblematic of the wrong answer to that question than Jimmy Dore.…More


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