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Through my interviews, I work to gather a wide array of opinions for your consumption. Pulling from a diverse set of backgrounds and cultures, The Progressive American has plenty of content for you.

Interview with Tom Amenta

Tom Amenta served in Operation Enduring Freedom, a veteran of the Afghan war, serving for five years in the 75th Ranger Regiment. After his service ended, Tom joined Ranger Up program and became an advocate of veteran entrepreneurship. In this interview, he and I discuss the complex and sometimes difficult realities of the Afghan war and how the politics of America can hamper clear policy goals.

Interview with Angie Moon

A libertarian leftist, a fan of classic rock and activist, Angie Moon has been on YouTube since 2016, where she started out making videos about her personal development as a Jewish woman in America before moving into political commentary. In this interview, I talk about her political career and her growth as an activist, as well as the origins of her personal project, The Diversity of Classic Rock.

Thanks to Angie for joining me. I appreciate it.

Interview with Ms. Miranda

As an indigenous activist living in Canada, Amanda LaBillois aka Vintage Miranda, has seen it all. She’s worked as a navigator for Doctors of the World, an ambassador for the Roundhouse Cafe, and worked in political commentary on YouTube. The host of the unintentionally named Kawaii Millenial, Miranda covers pop culture, personalities, and politics, or as she puts it, “I make silly videos and interview people.” In this interview, I talk about how she became an activist and how her career has progressed thus far.

interview with the kavernacle

The Kavernacle is a YouTuber who covers politics, history, video games, and online culture through his well-researched and well-edited videos. Hailing from the UK and with a master’s degree in international relations, his perspective is wide-ranging as it is nuanced. In our conversation, we discussed Israel-Palestine and the development of his online career.

Interview with Dr. Darr

Thanks to all my guests.

With experience in foreign policy, particularly as it relates to China, Dr. Benjamin Darr offers a unique perspective, both as a progressive and a scholar of comparative politics. I had the pleasure of interviewing him to talk about the rise of the progressive movement and its growth.

Interview with Dr. Budzisz

A professor of constitutional law and political science, Dr. Christopher Budzisz of Loras College, joined me to discuss the impeachment of then-president Donald Trump. A Fulbright scholar and former Republican, Dr. Budzisz offers a unique perspective, both legally and politically.