On Robert F. Kennedy Jr Comparing Vaccine Mandates to the Holocaust {Reupload}

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. via Wiki Commons

In yet another example of conspiracy theorists hurting the political system, Anti-vaxxers gathered in the capital, with figures such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. leading the charge towards the Lincoln Memorial. The rally was called “Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming.” In his speech, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. went out of his way to compare the attempts to get rid of misinformation and to support vaccination to the hunting and killing of Anne Frank. 

In response, the Auschwitz Memorial warned that Kennedy’s comments were “a sad symptom of moral and intellectual decay.” Other speakers such as Del Bigtree, who was at the rally, have also made similar comparisons in the past, putting on the Star of David to portray themselves as victims of fascism. 

When there is a massive rise in the attacks on Jewish Americans and antisemitism is on the rise globally, it should go without saying that this kind of rhetoric is unacceptable. That is on the fringe of society, but people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, a member of Congress, has done this as well, and she is one of the largest recipients of donations within the Republican party. Both Greene and Kennedy have apologized for this, but let’s not pretend that they actually mean it.

If anything, they are upset it didn’t have the desired effect on more people because, at their core, they are demagogues. They want to scare people endlessly while their fellow Americans pay the price with covid and gullible people donate to their noxious work. They are notoriously unethical and corrupt, guided only by their desire for money and the power they get from their enraged crowds. They must be stopped.

There needs to be an effort to mobilize a pro-vaccination movement that rejects the conspiracy theories that these anti-vaccine figures promote. So long as this movement continues to go unopposed, it will continue to spread.

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