The Republican Party Is Fallen and Trumpists Killed It

Image by heblo from Pixabay

The Republican Party is irredeemably broken. From the inside out, Trump and his ilk have torn the GOP asunder, taking what little virtues it retained and throwing them out the window. That, however, has taken on a new dimension with the January 6th Commission and their continued obstruction of its investigation. With a new statement by the RNC, it is painfully obvious how far the Republican Party has fallen into open reactionary politics.

I have argued that the commission’s work is a critical fight and that Republican attempts to block it will be detrimental to the public and the health of our democracy if they are allowed to continue. But I never could have imagined that the national party would willingly rally around a brazen attack on our capitol, naive as that may sound. And yet, the Republican National Committee did just that this Friday, releasing an official censure against Representatives Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, referring to the events of January 6th as a form of “legitimate political discourse.”

Far from stopping there, the RNC took it a step further and slammed Cheney and Kinzinger for their contribution to the January 6th investigation, arguing that it is nothing more than a form of persecution against everyday citizens. It would be perhaps offensive to the RNC to remind them that the attack on January 6th resulted in the injury of one-hundred and fifty officers and the deaths of nine people. But the idea that death and consequence could get in the way of a good narrative is anathema to the modern GOP, especially when it gets in the way of their martyrdom complex.

It is perhaps unsurprising that the GOP is attempting to downplay the attack on the capitol. After all, several of their members were in direct contact with Trump and his allies during the events of January 6th. Most recently, the commission learned that Rep. Jim Jordan spoke to Trump for ten minutes straight on the morning of January 6th. Jordan has been less than forthcoming about how many times he spoke with the former president and even suggested that he spoke to Trump multiple times before the event. Others such as Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene were at a meeting as far back as December with Trump, attempting to overturn the election. It is hard to ignore the clear pattern taking over the party.

Their members were involved in the riot through their communications, and they almost certainly have information they could provide to the committee. Instead of holding those members accountable for their lack of political foresight, the RNC has officially sided with them against an effort to examine just how a mob threatened our Republic. Instead of doing their duty, Republicans in the RNC and Congress are beholden to the political interests of a man who, at his core, is a failure and unpopular one-term president.

Words can hardly describe the disgust and disdain the GOP deserves for their continued rejection of the democratic process. Ever since Trump came down from that elevator in 2015, the state of the Republican party has been one of disgusting and unending reaction. Gone is the party that preaches caution and restraint–even those pronouncements could be hypocritical–and gone is the party that claimed to uphold the legacy of Abraham Lincoln and Thaddeus Stevens. The GOP is dead and, in its place, stands a monstrosity built on nothing but the anger of mediocre men and women who can’t be trusted with a Twitter account, much less the reins of government. One can only hope that this party implodes upon itself and another party takes its place, but considering its current path in the midterms, I am not holding my breath.

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