Right-Wing Mom Group Tries To Ban MLK Book from School

Photo by Gotta Be Worth It on Pexels.com

It is not every day that someone tries to cancel Martin Luther King Jr., but here we are. Earlier this year, the Williamson County, Tennessee chapter of Moms for Liberty made a complaint to the Tennessee Department of Education arguing that the education’s curriculum violated the state’s law against Critical Race Theory and asserted that several books needed to be removed to protect the students from “trauma.”

What books could cause such trauma, you might ask? Well, according to the complaint written by The Mom’s for Liberty Chair, Robin Steenman, the two main books are Martin Luther King Jr. And the March on Washington (2000) and Ruby Bridges Goes to School: My Story (2009). These two children’s books depict Martin Luther King’s work in the Civil Rights Movement and Ruby Bridges’ entry into school as the first African American to enter New Orleans’ Franz Elementary School.

List of Books Rejected by Mom’s for Liberty

Among other reasons, Steenman complains that these books portray the violence of multiple racist mobs in negative terms. To add to this disgusting complaint, Steenman even opposed depictions of the different water fountains that were segregated at the time.

Mom’s of Liberty rejects the portrayal.

Similarly, the complaint warns against a negative depiction of infamous racist and commissioner of public safety, Eugene “Bull” Connor.

Connor was well-known for his ardent segregationism, confrontation with MLK, and opposition to protests. In his work, Why We CanCan’tit, King referred to Connor as “a racist who prided himself on knowing how to handle the Negro and keep him in his place.” So” it is rather odd that an organization that wants to portray itself as an agent of liberty would simultaneously highlight the condemnation of an ardent segregationist who abused his power over his fellow Americans.

That is, of course, until you realize that is precisely the point.

As I noted before, the relationship between supposed ‘Critical Race Theory’ and the suppression of any negative portrayal of American history is interconnected, if not interdependent. Far from preventing further mistreatment and abuse along sectarian lines, the movement against Critical Race Theory attempts to prevent any discussion of previous and continuing mistreatment.

And as journalist Judd Legum explained when he first broke the story, Moms of Liberty could easily resubmit their complaint to the state’s Department of Education and get their wish.

So long as these movements are able to influence the legislatures of this nation to pass similar anti-CRT bills like the one in Tennessee, Americans can expect similar attempts to censor history in the future.

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