Welcome to the page!

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Progressive American, an independently-run project dedicated to political discourse, history and political movements. This page is thanks to me wanting to know exactly where all of my work is, both for myself and for my audience, but was also created because I wanted to professionalize my work to make it more digestible for the wonderful people who have made my other projects work so well.

What You Will Find here

Here you will find a wide array of content for your choosing. Whether you prefer to read about the news, listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos, you will find it all here. You will also be able to get articles from The Progressive American newsletter, which is currently hosted on Substack and linked on the newsletter page.

Project Updates

Project updates are my way of making sure that you all know what I am doing and how my work is progressing. If there is a video that I plan to make and something delays it, this is where you will find out about it! The blog is dedicated to updating you and allowing you to contact me directly through the comment section. Feel free to say hi, I don’t bite!

Thank you

Finally, I would like to say thank you to all of the people who have helped me as I have slowly grown online and in-person. Thanks to all the guests I have had on my show, people who have helped me develop a decent podcast and commented on my articles. I appreciate your continued support for all that I do. I couldn’t be doing what I do without your wonderful help.

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